What we do

We are enabling green manufacturing, and at the same time saving our customers costs on their petrochemical routes. We have pharmaceutical, polymer material, and nutritional products in development. Contact for your needs for cheaper, greener, and more sustainable manufacturing.

Our differentiator is a computational synthetic biology approach. We use predictive software to identify bio-reachable molecules (image below), design organisms and fermentation processes, and build them through automation. We are revisiting the whole stack from biological discovery all the way to large scale manufacturing using a unique approach.

At 20n, we are building the biotech of the future, one that puts software at the center of the genetic design process. In an age where software startups can get to worldwide scale with a few engineers, we ask if biotech can do the same? With the advent of labs-in-the-cloud, contract research and manufacturing (CROs and CMOs), the answer is increasingly YES. We let the software discover, design and invent new genetic constructs, and hook it up to lab-in-the-clouds to test and validate. We build and test 5-10 new inventions every week, and assimilate terabytes of measurement data in the process. 20n is creating the largest (and ever-growing) data source of functionally accurate biochemical data.


The team is made up experts in synthetic biology, program synthesis, machine learning, and large scale fermentation, with a combined total of 57 person-years spent working on these problems.

Investors and Press

The name

20 is the number of standard amino acids specified by the universal genetic code. Proteins are composed of amino acids sequences with median length in the n = 300 to 500 range. 20n is the set we get to play with.