20n/act: Open source platform for synthetic biology

Our platform for predicting DNA edits is freely available under open source. Get it at https://github.com/20n/act.

Use 20n's platform to get the DNA blueprint to make molecules biologically. It gives you the DNA design that will allow you to make a custom fermentation organism. 20n/act is a data mining and prediction stack. It gets you the largest dataset of un-natural pathways. These algorithm-invented pathways re-work the metabolism of your microbe and let it make your product from sugar.

The platform can "invent". We used it to invent organisms that make acetaminophen (Tylenol) by fermenting sugar. Read more about it on our blog.

Bioreachables Service: DNA blueprints on-demand

If instead of code, you'd rather get the data directly, ask for access to our Bioreachables Service. The service will enable your team to be smarter about the biological pathways to pursue. We have a dataset of over 10,000+ molecules and a ranked listing of all the predicted enzymatic pathways to reach the target. The Bioreachables Service can help your team identify new molecules, or discover more efficient ways to reach a product.

Preview Edition

Take a peek at the pathway data for a few selected molecules. The preview has 10 molecules for which you can freely see all pathway and DNA design information.

  • 11 molecules
  • DNA designs to each
  • Functional terms of identified uses
  • Patents and physiochemical properties
Username, password for wiki below is "public" and "preview", respectively.

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Enterprise Edition

All the data you need to make your favorite molecules biologically. Get in touch for details.

  • 10,000+ molecules
  • DNA designs to each
  • You own the IP
  • Patents and physiochemical properties
  • Search by substructure
  • Search by function: drug APIs, flavors, fragrances, polymers
  • Silo-ed for exclusive access by your scientists

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