Big data analytics for health, bioengineering, and synthetic biology


At 20n, we build automated reasoning tools for biochemical insights with applications in health, bioengineering, and synthetic biology. We specialize in formalizing the noisy data prevalent in biology, and build scalable distributed systems that derive insights by finding cross-domain relationships within terabytes of loosely structured data.


Saurabh Srivastava

Founder, CxO

Postdoc, Bioengineering,
PhD, Computer Science

J. Christopher Anderson

Resident biochemistry expert

Faculty, Bioengineering,
UC Berkeley

Rastislav Bodik

Resident program synthesis expert

Faculty, Computer Science,
UC Berkeley

Sanjit A. Seshia

Resident formal methods expert

Faculty, Computer Science,
UC Berkeley

What's in a name?

20 is the number of standard amino acids specified by the universal genetic code. Proteins are composed of amino acids sequences with median length in the n = 300 to 500 range. 20n is the set we get to play with.

Customers, Collaborators, Funders

UC Berkeley

Open Positions

Machine Learning

Do you think your life experiences are just a giant training set? We are looking for experts with experience developing scalable machine learning algorithms. Experience with implementing distributed learning algorithms in a relatively type-safe language preferred.

Apply at and be sure to include "Machine Learning at 20n" in the subject.

Distributed Systems

Do you dream in map-reduce? We are looking for distributed systems experts to help scale our algorithms. Experience in Scala, Spark, Hadoop, EC2/S3 and handling noSQL terabyte sized data stores will be valued.

Apply at and be sure to include "Distributed Systems at 20n" in the subject.

Data science and Visualization

Does everything in life look like a graph to you? We are looking for data scientists who can examine complex relationships in noisy data to find emergent patterns. Ability to script and work with distributed data stores will be appreciated.

Apply at and be sure to include "Data Science at 20n" in the subject.